modern village house location: fafe - portugal year: 2017
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    This house is made from scratch on a terrain where there used to be a shelter. The dimensions of this plot of land were not so favorable, so the structure of the house was molded in relation to the shape of the allotment, in an effort to explore its limits to their maximum potential and render space for an average 4-person family to settle in. Because the terrain is positioned at a higher level in relation to the main road, in order to reach the house by car, a garage/storage room was dug out at the bottom which connects to the floor above by a staircase. There is yet another pedestrian access which leads to the main entrance from the pathway on the west. Due to these bipolar accesses, the house is organized by a transversal corridor that leads to all divisions. One can perceive this corridor as an introverted natural space, where adjacent rocks from the outside scenery almost seem to clash with the glass. The living room is connected to the kitchen, which in turn opens up to a private terrace and garden that are framed with a backdrop of a mesmerising and untouched woodland landscape.
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