urban project in mondim location: mondim de basto - portugal collaboration: diogo moreira year: 2014
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    A project by the City Hall of Mondim de Basto for the creation of a dam caused significant soil movement and created a plateau where a new residential area with collective and individual housing is envisioned, so to encourage new people to come live in this peaceful area and also inspire the existing young residents to stay. Thereupon, three collective housing buildings were stipulated to emerge from this steep slope of the dam. Each building holds three levels, divided into one T1, four T2 and one T4, of a necessary variety in line with the diversity of the target population. Due to the morphology of the ground, platforms where buildings could be set on were part of the requirement. In order for such a robust construction to fit as well as possible in the surrounding landscape, sustaining walls were made in a type of shale endemic to the region and a green-toned color was applied to the fa├žades in consonance with the surroundings. The garden areas, ivies and other plants and trees help to bring harmony to the whole.
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