t1+1 apartment location: porto - portugal year: 2015
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    The rehabilitation of this apartment was a challenge since it had no openings on the back wall, which impeded the house of having minimal housing conditions, considering the reasonable area of 70m². So, after verifying the possibility of enlarging the condominium by accessing the council-owned land behind, a bedroom and a personal office could then be incorporated to that quieter and more private side of the house. Towards the side facing the Largo da Fontinha square, which happened to also be relatively quiet and peaceful, a dining area equipped with a kitchenette was implemented, with the option to be shut by blackout curtains if the residents wish to make it more intimate and formal. Seeing as it is a ground floor dwelling, the communal staircase creates an extra space which still belongs to the apartment, and is thus used for storage as well as a laundry room. In truth, different spaces in general are not particularly large, with the exception of the bedroom - this being a result of the contingency of certain structural walls and further vertical alignments that needed to be kept, which inevitably restricted certain areas to their lower limits of legal acceptance, as for example with the bathroom. The green toned ceramic pavement chosen for the entrance and public zone was thought of as an extension of the garden that is set just alongside the square. In order to establish a better sense of privacy on this side of the house, which in turn is substantially visually exposed, a low cabinet was created which can be used for storage and also double up as a seating area, helping with the transition between the public exterior and the private interior.
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