rally museum competition location: fafe - portugal year: 2018
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    People from all parts of the world are familiar with the city of Fafe through the Rally that happens there, and this is now being further acknowledged by the creation of a museum. Inspiration in motor sport is, undoubtedly, the main influence of this project. The harmony of the museum with the Communities' Square becomes noticeable by the movement of the coverage, which works as an extension of the surface of the square. The shape itself is an allusion to the well-known "leap of Lameirinha" part of the rally track. The entrance of the museum crosses the building transversally, with the aim to articulate the Communities' Square with the Avenue and consequently improving the public space. Here, two vehicles are exhibited as a way to welcome visitors to the experience, by allowing them to sit inside them. Access to exhibition areas is done through a ramp, projected in an "autodrome style", which leads people up to the upper floors. Connected to the reception is also the museum shop, a thematic or temporary showroom and an auditorium. Along with the museum there's an area for restaurants and bars in touch with the quietude of the Square and the sun coming from the west side of the building. Still on the ground floor faced to the avenue, one can find business incubators. Such program will help potentiating the city dynamics, benefiting also from the proximity of the caf├ęs / restaurants, as well as in synergy with the museum. The permanent exhibition rooms are thus installed on the upper floors of the building, so to achieve the sense of introspection needed in a museum. The first floor is mainly dedicated to classic cars, with space, decoration and environment allowing for the clean view of the race cars, accompanied by photographs of the time, technical information and other trivia. The soft lines of the building and the careful play of light play an auxiliary role in creating a pleasant visit to this space. The administrative space is also located on this floor, as well as a cleaning room. The space most anticipated by enthusiasts, however, will undoubtedly be the exhibition of sportive cars on the top floor in a mezzanine area, with all the editions of 'Rally de Portugal' put together. Besides all the above mentioned spaces, the museum counts with an underground car park for public use and a car lift that will allow the vehicles to be transported to the different floors.
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