oliveira monteiro extension location: porto - portugal year: 2020
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    This extension of the former house was due to the need for the couple's daughters to have space to spend time indoors with friends, in addition to their respective rooms on the upper floors. The house, which was built before 1977, despite having a good constructive area as a whole, ends up being segmented by its 5 floors, which results in spaces that are somewhat defective, especially in common areas such as the entry floor and the one floor below in connection to the yard. Thus, the idea was to demolish the exterior staircases that vertically occupied about half of the back facade and to internally expand such spaces of less use and access, creating a new block of two intercommunicating floors, plus a 3 meter extension over the garden, this way allowing this self-identity and autonomous experiences as desired. From the living room on the second floor, it is also possible to access the downstairs terrace, that continues to the garden patio. It was then decided to introduce a minimalist language to the existing architectural ensemble, on a layout filled with solids and voids, achieved through the execution of a metallic structure covered by a glazed face, with all the reminiscent details applied with the same brown tone of the old window frames.
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