house in real location: braga - portugal year: 2020
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    Located in a allotment in Real, Braga, this terrain immediately revealed difficulty in integrating with the client's wishes given the age of the allotment and its conditions: 3 floors defined by basement, ground floor and upper floor, distributed in 100m2 per floor, and roof coverage made up of 2, 3 or 4 slopes. It was then necessary to proceed with a change of the allotment to better redistribute the area, while maintaining the contingency of leaving the roof present like previously with the same type of isolated housing. Thus, a cantilevered body is created on the main floor, as part of the strategy of not exceeding the allowed area for implantation, whilst also helping to bring greater lightness to the entire volume that would otherwise become a rigid block. Then, on the basement floor, of a smaller size, there are two parking spaces and a storage space. The issue of privacy on the fa├žade facing the pedestrian street of Quinta dos Lagos was resolved through a system of 3 identical opaque strips interspersed with the window voids that function as balconies and even a plateau that hides the pyramid roof. The distance between bands on the main floor is smaller, thus giving a greater privacy to the living-room, which would otherwise be more exposed. On the middle floor, in addition to the living room, we have a kitchen in open plan with the dining room and a guest toilet, as well as an office in extension of the main entrance. The private part of the house is located on the top floor, served by three bedrooms and a suite.
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