house in lixa location: felgueiras - portugal year: 2020
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    Inserted in an allotment, this house in Lixa, in Felgueiras, had as an initial requirement to be made as a single storey house, which in itself proved to be a challenge, because in addition to forcing the alteration of the allotment beforehand, we were also facing a somewhat small and irregular terrain for the intended T3 typology, next to neighboring houses with these two mandatory floors, besides the fact that this portion of land differed in about 3 meters in height from the street to the high stone wall at the back. Hence, we tried to find the best quota to implement the volume, in order to minimize all of the above mentioned adversities. At the request of the client, the ensemble has also been designed so that the public part of the house would run through the entire space, from a small and more private backyard, which could be accessed from the laundry room, until the front of the living room that faces the street. The entire private area then became a kind of parallel entity by which one accesses through a door from the living room, that then leads onto a corridor which distributes onto a suite and two other rooms that share an accessible bathroom. From the outside, the sloping roofs will in turn help in this allusion of a taller height for the whole house as well as giving an interesting emphasis on the interior space, hierarchizing it and in some way making it more unique and amusing, in an attempt of greater abstraction in relation to the rather oblong compartments, as above described.
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