house in gualtar location: braga - portugal year: 2020
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    The client wanted a practical and modern house for this plot of land inserted in an allotment in Gualtar, Braga. The existing attached houses in the complex all had a very similar exterior aesthetic, which therefore would require a more refined approach to the main façade. Internally, some lack of light due to the raised side gables was solved with a skylight that illuminates the upper floor hall as well as the stairwell, in addition to giving life to a green corner near the entrance. With all the perimeter surroundings established by the allotment set, the interior spaces only had to stick to these precedents and organize themselves in the best way within that “box” - taking into account both the directions of natural light and the configuration and dimension of the façade frames. The main floor resulted, as intended, in a frank entrance environment and distribution over the different floors and spaces, with an interesting correlation between hall - living room - dining room - kitchen, making the space broad and yet hierarchical. One floor above, we have two suites with a balcony facing the front and back side of the building as well as an office. The basement floor has 2 parking lots, a space for storage / pantry, a laundry and a semi-covered outdoor seating area, from where you can access the garden one level above.
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