house in granja location: fafe - portugal collaboration: diogo moreira year: 2015
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    This is a house though for a young couple to settle in. The house was integrated on a consolidated urban area, in a quiet zone of Fafe. The surrounding housing had more of a classic design approach, therefore, the altimetry of the aggregate was almost the only constraint in scene. The house is divided in two distinct volumes that constitute the two stores of the house + basement. The ground-floor area plays a more social function, where the office, living-room, kitchen and guest toilet are settled, while the upper floor is composed by two bedrooms and a suite facing the back of the terrain, to better profit from nature and privacy. In regard to volumetry, two contrasting materials envelope the house, a fair face concrete coats the superior box, intangible wavy body, while earth toned ETICS cover the entrance floor, telluric grounded body.
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