house in gião location: vila do conde - portugal year: 2019
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    This was a dream come true for a lady that had always wished to live in her own house. Thus, to make the most of its nook, she set as a condition that the top floor was exclusively for her use, with the ground level being for the public areas of the house, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as two guest bedrooms for visits. On the first floor, the client's private areas are thus implemented, such as the generously sized master bedroom, as well as a closet space and a reading corner. The remaining space of the floor is used, in part, for balconies that extend the indoors to the exterior. The house gives priority to the east and west orientations, since they are well exposed to sunlight and also due to this strong ability of immersion in the landscape, seeing that in front of it there is an extensive vineyard as well as an impervious grove behind. Since the dwelling already stands out for itself by its modernity, this contrast was attenuated through external finishing tones that match the surrounding, with a transient light gray in between another house to the right which has been left as a raw concrete block aesthetic, and another one to the left with a traditional whitewashed style. Bordeaux screens are also used to match the neighboring roofs and to seasonally dilute in the surrounding autumnal hues. With regard to the volumetry of the set, there is also the intent to harmonize with the surroundings by crossing the existing alignments in two volumes with different distances from the main road, the predominant alignment being the fairest to the current legal standards.
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