té's house location: fafe - portugal year: 2016
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    The main structure of the original house was kept in order to proceed with the integral renovation of this previously classic-style house, as such to give it a more contemporary aesthetic. The client's intention here was to leave the ground floor for a semipublic program, and to designate the rest of the space, such as the addition of an upper floor, for private living. As such, the more public spaces remained on the 1st floor, such as the living room (with double height windows), kitchen and guest bathroom as well as the main bedroom, whilst the remaining two bedrooms and respective bathrooms were projected for the new upper floor, making the most out of the amazing views of the city skyline seen from the private terraces akin to both bedrooms. The back garden was also redesigned and it serves as a passage to an annex, whose main purpose is to serve as a music studio for the two children, both with their own bands. Moreover, on top of this annex there is a terrace for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.
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