house in natal location: natal - brazil year: 2014
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    This house was born from a construction site made from scratch in Natal, Brazil. Without any architectural references around in the surrounding, still empty neighborhood, only the confining limits of the property and the possibility of new houses being built in the future (and subsequently requiring a legal limit of proximity between them and this current project) were left as the main challenges of the project. As such, we took the opportunity to create larger openings with more privacy, always facing towards the most sheltered exterior area of the garden. Additionally, although not so introspective, strategic points of view towards the visible interconnected zone were created. The aim here is to profit both from private garden enclosure as well as from the widened space, always with the proper hierarchies. As a whole, the house aims to invite people to read in its library, socialize in the living lounge area with direct access to the outside – as good Brazilian tradition dictates - and finally, to retreat in the comfortable privacy of the bedrooms. The surrounding garden area, albeit limited, allowed even to incorporate a small pool for use and enjoyment in a tropical climate like Brazil's. As for the house's color on the outside, a soft pastel blue was decided on, as to protect it better against the tropical sun exposure as well as temperature.
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