extracurricular school location: fafe - portugal year: 2012
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    The purpose of this project was an adaptation of a ground floor of a normal house, for the new use as an extracurricular school. In this particular case, all of the interior walls were demolished - as they did not affect the integrity of the building structure -, which allowed for a broader flexibility in spatial organization, which was of utmost difficulty here due to the minimum legal area requirements versus the number of attending students. Although it was an adaptation of an old house, the regulations for accessibility required that, due to its new function as a space for public use, no exceptions were to be made and this provided an extra challenge for this project. Following these regulatory norms, this then resulted in the installation of an antechamber and a unisex accessible toilet. An access door to the ground floor on the front facade was closed, whilst the second door - which originally served only the second floor - was kept as one single distribution entry. The two remaining voids were extended until the level of the street, as to allow a better natural illumination of the interior spaces, besides expressing a more appealing and youthful character of this school from the fa├žade.
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