collective house in estoril location: estoril - portugal collaboration: mezia lopes year: 2017
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    In a quiet area of Estoril, 500m from Praia da Poça, a project is born to house 12 apartments - 8 T2 and 4 T1 - in a private condominium with a communal pool. In addition to the proximity to the beaches, this territory is located on the axis of the Cascais line, with good accesses to the capital. With the main façades facing towards east and west, this attribute was utilized by creating balconies at the extension of the living and dining rooms to the west and the bedrooms to the east. The latter are equipped with a vertical wall panel that visually shields them from the traffic on Rua Manuel Ribeiro dos Santos, as well as from the neighbors. On the backyard, the suspended volume hides a parking area at its basement, with vertical accesses made through 3 external stairway cases that connect with the fractions of the upper floor. All metalwork is conceived in a yellow color, in harmony with the surrounding houses, of a more classical matrix.
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