brazilian house location: póvoa de varzim - portugal year: 2016
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    This is a rehabilitation project of a Brazilian house type from the eighteenth century, which happened to be in an advanced state of degradation. Due to the long period of time of being abandoned, the house had been suffering from periodical bad weather and complete lack of maintenance, which proved far too long to retain the chance to recover its interior. Therefore, the decision was taken to preserve the noble old façade and install new and ventilated partitions in the interior which, due to the abnormal depth of the house, as well as the one next to it, a patio was created at the core in order to bring easternly and southernly sunlight and fresh air in, as well as contact with nature. Hence, to make the most of the vast area and prime location, right in the heart of Póvoa de Varzim, whilst also keeping in mind the higher costs of reconstruction of the whole building, it was deemed wise to divide 850 m² of gross floor area into independent fractions, with a first and second floors as well as a service/commercial area on the ground floor. As such the building was put up for sale with a project, as it was convenient to propose various options that could blossom from the use of these spaces: from T4 and T2 apartments on the upper floors, with a potential dining area on the floor below; to standard renting; or even the possibility of being converted into a small hostel with communal and lounge areas on the ground floor.
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