águas santas renovation location: maia - portugal year: 2020
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     The restoration of this house obeyed to the following premise: the house could be either sold in its entirety or be rented by floor independently. Following this assumption, all internal compartmentalization would have to enable both aims without compromising the future building works that would be carried out in the space, so to give a new life to this house that was unfortunately in an advanced state of degradation. With a very narrow interior configuration, which was typical at the time, we tried to widen the spaces as much as possible, namely creating more accesses between the living room and the kitchen and partially diluting the hall on both floors. The upper floor was established as the unalterable part of the complex, having also been the main one in the original project, moreover enhanced by the exterior spatial configuration, thus implying that the lower floor must have this versatility to adapt to both intended versions, where the old kitchen and the living room are now easily converted into another bedroom with a closet by only changing its furniture and without structure derangement. Also, the courtyard on the back got its openings framed with windows, thus becoming a sunken patio that supports the rest of the yard, and the façades were only repainted in a soft tone of water-green, maintaining the existing tones, only modifying smaller wall panels in regard to their coating materials.
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