urban design project

location: Mondim de Basto - Portugal

year: 2014


A project by the City Hall of Mondim de Basto for the creation of a dam caused significant soil movement and created a cliff where a new residential area with collective and individual housing, so that new people could come living in this pacific land and nonetheless, the young residents be also invited to stay.


Thereupon, three collective housing buildings were stipulated to emerge from the steep slope. Each building holds three levels, divided into one T1, four T2 and one T4, to a necessary flexibility, in what different types of use are concerned.


Due to the morphology of the ground, platforms where buildings could set on were part of the requirement. In order for such a robust construction to fit as good as possible on the landscape, sustaining walls were made in typical shale from the region and a green toned color in consonance with the surroundings were applied at the facades. Garden areas, creepers and other plants and trees helps giving unity to the whole.

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