t1+1 apartment

location: Porto - Portugal

year: 2015


The rehabilitation of this apartment was a challenge since it had no openings on the back wall, which impeded the house of having minimal housing conditions, considering the far reasonable area of 70m². So, after deep research, could be then turned to that quieter and more private side of the house, a bedroom and a personal office.


In truth, compartments are in general not particularly large, exception made to the bedroom. This being a contingency of certain structural walls and further vertical alignments that must be kept and inevitably restricted certain areas to its lower limits of acceptance, as we can see it occurs with the bathroom.


The green toned ceramic pavement chosen to the entrance /public zone was thought as an extension of the garden set just alongside the square. At the interior, leaning against the window there’s a low piece of furniture that works as a bench as well as a shelf and that helps to the transition between public and private, in itself already so expressively made.

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