house in torreira

location: Torreira - Portugal

collaboration: Ana Faustino

year: 2019


There was a very narrow full-length single-storey house that very much resembled a train, extending from the point of entry to the opposite boundary. The house, in addition to not being inspiring in terms of spatiality and integration with the surroundings, had also a poor state of conservation. Thus, it was decided to reuse only its exterior walls as much as possible in order to spare some money on the reconstruction, and reinvent it so to provide cozier spaces as well as to hierarchize / harmonize the volumetry.


We took advantage of the difference in altimetry with the neighboring fa├žade, so to rise the oblong volume at this point and place it as the public space of the house, inwith we have the living room and the kitchenette. This is followed by a lunch room transitional space that follows the more private area, which consists on a suite and two bedrooms served by a shared service bathroom.


In visual terms, a widen glass front has been created that merges into the white opaque volumetry, making up the entire front of the rooms, plus two large windows between the living room and this transitional space, as well as a glazed door that gives access to a storage room, all facing a gorgeous garden.

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