fine arts center

location: Oulu - Norway

collaboration: Jukka Laaksonen

year: 2009


We were given encircled limits with part of the inscribed area on the water as to plan a center for final art students. Consequently, I assumed the building I was about to project was to be based on the water as if it would float and, at the same time, manifesting itself in a soft, calm opposition to the condensed geometrical surroundings.


The building bears a skin that visually protects it from the residential blocks settled on the artificial base beside it, whereas the opposite facade is left widely opened to the green portion of land that welcomes the daily light from one edge a long way away to the other end.


This Japanese organization of the parts composing the plan is very suitable for independent tasks since people are not supposed to walk around the building all day long. Activities are somehow more isolated, which makes an occasional walk turn into a pleasant one. Ateliers, meant to be quieter and inspiring spaces, are located upstairs. Furthermore, all the areas in the program with high needs of light are located facing the long glass facade, while spaces which necessarily less need for it (or none at all) are kept under the leaf skin boasted with multiple rounds building up a mesh that helps cashing the direct sunlight. The library, the auditorium, the ateliers and the studios represent most of these protected spaces.

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