countryside house in silvares

location: fafe - portugal

year: 2017


There was this house in ruins in demand for a rehab, once only walls were left intact. The house had a very restricted area, so in order to maintain its physical confinements, a new rooftop was assembled to the whole in which a new store could fit in.


Thus, on the ground floor there is this relaxed living room put together with a kitchenette counter at one top wall. Going through the stairs, one can find on the upper level a lounge small area which is linked by a corridor to the two double bedrooms.


Wide openings are created on the roof so to enjoy the wide vegetation all around the house, as well as to cast the sunlight. Moreover, on the ground floor, glass openings are installed in the place of the wooden old doors.


The parking space is exterior, set aside from the entrance and has place for three vehicles. Both border walls and roof top share the same metallic finishing.


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